Bittivirta Forms


Streamline your data collection process with Bittivirta Forms, the software that works anywhere on every device. No more paper forms or a need to digitize them. You can get your forms up and running in minutes.

Works everywhere

Bittivirta forms works everywhere, on premises or in online. Take your data collection to the next level with Bittivirta Forms, to collect data just send a link to the customer or by having a tablet on site.

Privacy first

Bittivirta Forms is built with privacy in mind, we don't collect any excess data from your customers. You can choose to host your data on your own server or use our cloud service. We don't use any third-party analytics when customer is filling the form.

GDPR compliant statistics for everyone

Bittivirta Forms provides you with GDPR compliant statistics, you can see your data in real-time and export it in JSON. With real-time data you can share them with your colleagues.

Easy to use

Filling forms have never been easier, with Bittivirta Forms. For on premise solution customer friendly interface is appealing, modern and easy to use. For cloud solution you can use your own domain name and logo. Just fork the project, but keep in mind the MIT license.

Open source

This project is open source with MIT license. If you find something that you would like to implement or fix, please create a pull request or make a fork of this project. With the MIT license you can use this project for commercial purposes for self hosted version